ZM-201 Flap Barriers

High-Speed Flap Barriers


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ZM-201 Flap Barriers

Flap Barriers

The flap barrier integrates with the access control system so that authorized personnel can be authenticated through face recognition terminals and by swiping Mifare 1 cards, EM cards, or other methods. It’s compatible with face recognition, IC card , ID card, bar code card, fingerprint reading, card recognition, BLE device used for staff, provide civilized , orderly access methods; effectively manage the access of staff . Can be widely used in the station, wharf subway , factories, office building , hotel , clubs, intelligent community , enterprises and institution that need intelligent access management.

  • The body is made of brushed stainless steel (304 Full stainless Steel) which is robust, rigid, anti-rust and durable.
  • Barrier Material Acrylic glass
  • The Tripod turnstile is ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Dry contact I/O It can be integrated with any kind of access controller system (e.g.: RFID device, Push Button, Fingerprint, Face Recognition Terminal and Biometric device).
  • In case of emergency, the turnstile horizontal arm will drop down to allow free passage when power off.
  • It is suitable for areas with high traffic.


Long-life performance, high operation dependability and fast response.

The whole system runs smoothly, low noise, no mechanical impact.

Self-test function, when power on, system restoration automatic.

Single-directional or Bi-directional is selectable.

LED indicator.

Automatic reset function: when tripod turnstile receives an open single, but passenger do not pass thr ough the hallway within a specific time (default 5s), turnstile arm will lock automatically.

When power off, tripod turnstile arms will drop down automatically, which is complying with fire safety requirements.

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