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SYNOVIZ only installs the latest, high-quality products so you can be sure you are receiving the best protection possible. We specialize in designing, installing and maintenance of your system.

  • Turnstile Gate ZM-001

  • Turnstile Gate ZM-002

  • Turnstile Gate ZM-003

  • Turnstile Gate ZM-004

  • Turnstile Gate ZM-005

  • Turnstile Gate ZM-006

  • Turnstile Gate ZM-007

  • Turnstile Gate ZM-008

  • Turnstile Gate ZM-009

  • ZM-102 High Speed Turnstile Series

  • ZM-103 High Speed Turnstile Series

  • ZM-104 High Speed Turnstile Series

  • ZM-105 High Speed Turnstile Series

  • ZM-201 Flap Barriers

  • ZM-202 Flap Barriers

  • ZM-203 Flap Barriers

  • ZM-204 Flap Barriers

  • ZM-205 Flap Barriers

  • ZM-206 Flap Barriers