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SYNOVIZ only installs the latest, high-quality products so you can be sure you are receiving the best protection possible. We specialize in designing, installing and maintenance of your system.

  • NICE Lithium Battery-Non Rechargeable

  • U-Bolt Pro U-Tec Ultraloq Deadbolts

  • U-Bolt U-Tec Ultraloq deadbolts

  • UL1 & AutoBolt Combo

  • Ultraloq Key Fob Tag

  • Ultraloq UL1 Fingerprint and Key Fob Smart Lock

  • Ultraloq UL3

  • Ultraloq WiFi Bridge


  • YEEUU K1 Plus Fingerprint

  • YEEUU R250 Fingerprint & NFC Lock

  • YEEUU S170 Smart Knob Lock