Line Array Speaker Pro-1202S / Pro-6502

Bass configuration: 2 6.5″ (φ38mm core) bass
Tweeter configuration: 1 2″ (φ44mm core) tweeter
Forming board: birch plywood
External protective layer: Eco-friendly hardened black dot paint
Hanging parts: special hanging system
Front protection: spray-hardened steel mesh with rounded holes


Line Array Speaker Pro-1202S / Pro-6502

Pro-6502 and Pro-1202s are conference line array speaker systems launched by Swans to solve the sound pressure level attenuation caused by long-distance sound transmission. Through the correction of the wave front, it is close to the plane wave transmission, so as to solve the problem of long-distance transmission. Through the special hanging system, multiple speakers can be beneficially connected, forming a powerful line sound source, continuous sound pressure level High, dynamic, good transient.
This system is especially suitable for various basketball halls, assembly halls, auditoriums, theaters, multi-functional conference rooms, etc., and is equipped with hangers, latches, various connectors, etc., and the system is easy to combine and hoist.

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60W, 1200W

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