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VX6-CS / VX8-CS HiVi Ceiling Speaker

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VX6-CS / VX8-CS HiVi Ceiling Speaker

1. Easy to install and use;
2. Flame-retardant high-strength, high-adaptability engineering plastics, waterproof and not easy to change color;
3. The VR series adopts high-strength mica carbonized polypropylene diaphragm, high-strength Nomex sandwich honeycomb diaphragm, fatigue-resistant rubber ring;
4. Adhering to the optimized design of Swans parameters, compared with similar products, the bass is more prominent;
5. The tweeter adopts natural silk diaphragm, which is cooled by magnetic fluid for aerospace, and has strong power bearing capacity;
6. All-aluminum alloy surface mesh, no rust, gold-plated all-copper terminals, providing excellent reliability;
7. The flat frequency response curve, the sound performance is detached and refined, and the balance is good;
8. The new single-speaker stereo design creates a stereo environment in a small space;
9. The new opening template design is simple and accurate to install; the spray painting template design is easy to integrate with the use environment.

HiVi Acoustics is a world-leading speaker manufacturer that has been making speaker audio components for over 25 years.

Our goal is to give an amazing consistent audio experience to the world, regardless of content, format, culture or personal tastes.

We do this by designing and manufacturing world-quality audio products such as drivers, speakers, amplifiers, receivers, and more.

Model: VX5-C Model: VX6-C Model: VX8-C Model: VX6-SC Model: VX8-SC
Resonance Frequency: 65Hz Resonance Frequency: 62Hz Resonance Frequency: 45Hz Resonance Frequency: 55Hz Resonance Frequency: 40Hz
Frequency Range: 50Hz-20kHz Frequency Range: 45Hz-20kHz Frequency Range: 40Hz-20kHz Frequency Range: 45Hz-20kHz Frequency Range: 40Hz-20kHz
Sensitivity: 86dB Sensitivity: 88dB Sensitivity: 87dB Sensitivity: 86dB Sensitivity: 86dB
Input: Input: Input: Input: Input:
Rated Power: 10-80W Rated Power: 10-100W Rated Power: 10-120W Rated Power: 10-60W Rated Power: 10-80W
Mounting Hole: Ø185mm Mounting Hole: Ø205mm Mounting Hole: Ø250mm Mounting Hole: Ø205mm Mounting Hole: Ø250mm

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Other Information

Bore Size

Φ205mm, Φ250mm

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