CG401 Video Balun 8 MP Video Balun

CG401 Video Balun 8 MP Reliable screw
transceiver Automatic identification video format
4K CCTV video balun 8mp HD CVI TVI AHD CVBS Combinable UTP CCTV video balun 8mp



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CG401 Video Balun 8 MP Video Balun

Video format: HD AHD/CVI/TVI/CVBS
Transmission singal: 1080P 3MP 4MP 5MP 8MP
Transmit distance:
720P/960P/1080P ≤400M
3MP/4MP/5MP ≤250M
8MP ≤200M

Transmission Max Distance
HDCVI 720P 1080P 3MP 5MP 8MP 4K
Color Video 400m 300m 250m 250m 200m 200m
HDTVI 720P 1080P 3MP 5MP 8MP –
Color Video 200m 200m 180m 150m 150m –
AHD 720P 960P 1080P 3MP 4MP 5MP
Color Video 400m 400m 300m 300m 250m 250m
Color Video MAc Up To 400m For CVBS Camera

What’s In The Box
– 1 x 8MP 4K HD Passive Video BALUN AHD CVI TVI CVBS CCTV UTP Pair

The CG-401 video balun is a passive (non-amplified) device that allows the transmission of real-time CCTV HD video signal via cost-effective Unshielded Twisted Paired (UTP) cable. The CG-400 is compatible with all HD-TVI, HD-CVI, AHD and CVBS analog cameras

The CG-401 has a mini-coax pigtail lead which allows quick mounting onto fixed cameras, allows in-camera mounting in most dome cameras and allows flexible connection with DVR. Reliable terminal block connection, the CG-401 eliminates costly and bulky coaxial cable.

The superior interference rejection and low emissions of the CG-400 allow video signals to coexist in the same wire bundle as telephone, datacom, or low-voltage power circuits. This allows the use of a shared or existing cable plant. The CG-400 is built-in surge suppressor to protect video equipment against damaging voltage spikes. Its crosstalk and noise immunity ensure quality video signals.

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