5V Relay Trigger Cycle Delay

Relay Module


5V Relay Trigger Cycle Delay

Time setting:
P1: After the input pulse, the relay is switched on for the set time T1.
P2: After the input pulse, the module counts down the set time T1, switches the relay, counts the set time T2, and switches the relay off.
P3: Endless loop where the relay is switched off for T1 and closed for T2
P4: Immediately after the input pulse, the relay is switched on. The timer is started only when the input signal disappears. After the T1 has elapsed, the relay is switched off.
To select the mode, press and hold the K1 key for a few seconds, then press again to select the mode.
To set the T1 time in P1 and P4: Press K2 to change the order (hundreds, tens, units), press K3 to change the value. After setting all the values, you can still change the position of the decimal point. If the decimal point is off, the interval is set to 0-999 seconds. When set to 99.9, the interval is set to 0-99.9 seconds. Next, move the decimal point to set the interval 0-999 minutes.
Setting time T1 and T2 in P2 and P3 modes: The module contains a blue LED. When illuminated, the time T1 is displayed, otherwise T2. Switching to T1 and T2 is done by briefly pressing the K1 key. Set the time values ??T1 and T2 in the same way as described in T1 and P4.


Time setting:
After power-on, start the countdown.
The first three times to press k1 can set the time to switch on, and the last three times is can set the time to switch off. Press K1 to change the position of time setting, press K2 to change digit. After the digital tubes do not flash, press K2 to change the position of decimal point. Timing range varies according the position of decimal point:
XXX. – timing range: 0 ~ 999 minutes
XX.X – timing range: 0 – 99.9 seconds
XXX – timing range: 0 ~ 999 seconds
After you finish the time setting, you can press and hold K2 to turn on/off the digital tubes











Module description:
1, the module uses genuine high-quality relay, the maximum load of the normally open interface: AC 250V/10A, DC 30V/10A;
2, using patch optocoupler isolation, strong driving ability, stable performance; trigger current 5mA;
3, the module working voltage has 5V12V24V
4. The module can be triggered by a jumper to set a high level or a low level;
5, fault-tolerant design, even if the control line is broken, the relay will not move;
6, power indicator (green), relay status indicator (red)
7, the interface design is user-friendly, all interfaces can be directly connected through the terminal block, very convenient
8, with 4 fixing bolt holes, hole 3.1mm

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Delay, Delay Timer, 1 Ch Optocoupler Isolation, 2Ch Optocoupler Isolation

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