RL-5VMK04200 Relay 5V Adjustable Delay; 2 Channel

1/2/4/8 Channel 5V 12V 24V Relay Module Optocoupler Isolation 

One :module description:
1, the module uses genuine high-quality relay, the maximum load of the normally open interface: AC 250V/10A, DC 30V/10A;
2, using patch optocoupler isolation, strong driving ability, stable performance; trigger current 5mA;
3, the module working voltage has 5V12V24V

4. The module can be triggered by a jumper to set a high level or a low level;
5, fault-tolerant design, even if the control line is broken, the relay will not move;
6, power indicator (green), relay status indicator (red)
7, the interface design is user-friendly, all interfaces can be directly connected through the terminal block, very convenient
8, with 4 fixing bolt holes, hole 3.1mm

Two: module interface:
1. DC+: Connect the positive pole of the power supply (the voltage is required by the relay)
2, DC-: connected to the negative pole of the power supply
3, IN: can control the relay to pull high or low
Relay output:
1. NO: The relay normally open interface, the relay is suspended before the suction, and the short is connected with COM after the suction.
2, COM: relay common interface
3. NC: The relay normally closes the interface, and the relay is shorted to COM before the suction is closed.

High and low trigger selection:

1. When the jumper is shorted to LOW, it is triggered by low level;

2. When the jumper is shorted to high, it is triggered by a high level.

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